About Us

La Crema General Trading is a leading key distributor company in the  Middle East & GCC
region, with years of experience in the Hospitality; F&B Industry;Chocolate,Pastry  &
Bakery production, along with high end professional equipment & Machinery.
La Crema represent prestigious brands from Italy, France, Belgium, Holland, Turkey,
Indonesia; and China, having ambitious plans for the expansion.
Our main Exclusive Brands:
1- Belgica\' Couverture chocolate from Belgium.
2- ‘Altinmarka’ Chocolate from Turkey.
3- \'Gami\" Chocolate Tempering machine from Italy.
4- \'Wilmar International\' Fat Filling from Indonesia.
5- \'Mathez Chocolatier \'Chocolate truffle from France.
6- \'Cabrellon\' Polycarbonate Chocolate mold from Italy .
7- \'Dekoris\' Food Printer for Chocolate & Cakes from Italy.
8- \'Tante Agathe\' Crepes Dentelle from France.
9- \'La Praline\' Chocolate filling from Lebanon.
10- Maison D\'Or \" Speculous Cream & Biscuits from belgium.
11- Haitoglou Bros \" Twisties wafer roll from Greece.
12- Hamlet \" Crispy Milk Chocolate from Belgium.
13- Brandini Tofee\" Almond Tofee Bites from USA.
14- Van Strien \" butter cheese Palmiers from Holland.
15- Stroopwafel & Co \" Caramelized wafel from Holland.
16- Rothello \" Slim Crepe and Roll Hazelnut chocolte from Belgium.
17- Waffleman \" Crepe, Pan cake and waffle powder from Italy.
18- Sun Snack\"  Crackers & Biscuits from Austria.
19- Rubicone \" Gelato Ingredients from Italy.
20- Lesepidado\" Cake & Chocolate Laser printer & Powder from Italy.
21- Roller Mac \" Coating Pan from Italy.
22- Mehen \" Gelato Combined Machine from China.
23- Innova Italia\" Gelato Machine from Italy.
24- Technodom \" Shock freezer Machine From Italy.
25- Sumtong \" Soft Ice Cream Machine from China.
26- Chocolate Molding Machines.
La Crema is your business partner supporting you all over from A to Z in your project, as well as product training in our academic facility.
We provide comprehensive supply and support solutions to the food service industry with a wide range of professional “HORECA” equipment’s, ingredients and services from leading international brands.
We also strive to be as efficient as possible so we can offer a competitive price and best customer service.
Whether you are a Chocolatier, a Confectioner, a Baker or a Pastry Chef; Whether you work in
Dairy, Ice-Cream & Desserts, Sugar & Chocolate Confectionary, Biscuit & Bakery, Breakfast
& Snacking; You can do more with our Chocolate, Fillings & Cocoa related products, our Pastry
& Bakery ingredients, our Decoration & Accessories, and our specialized Machinery.
Our quality and food safety objective are:
- Guarantee for high product quality.
- Complete satisfaction of our customers with our products and services.
- High quality standards at storage and delivery processes.
- Continuous improvements in our processes.
- Training our employees.
- Protection environment.

Mission and Vision

To be “The Best” in the industry and maintain the portfolio for quality that anticipates and
satisfies the hospitality industry. Become the leading supplier in the region of the renowned
brands we deal.
Understand the trends, and shape our business for the future and winning together with our
partners. Be a highly effective and fast growing organization.